Walt’s Buried Treasure GPS

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Warning, Breaking Bad spoilers ahead.

34 59 20 106 36 52

Those are some very important numbers to Walt. His lucky numbers. On the show Breaking Bad (Episode 510, Buried) Walter White buried many barrels of cash using a GPS Tracker, recording the location on a lottery ticket that he hides in plain site.

Avoiding a lawsuit
On the show the numbers show where buried treasure is… but what about real life? Remember the legend behind the song 376-5309? How owners of that phone number supposedly sued when the entire county dialed that phone number? What would happen if those Walt’s GPS Tracker was pointing to someone’s back yard? What if just pointed you to the middle of a dessert out in nowhere land, and some obsessed fan tried to go there with a shovel, only to put his own life at risk?

What is the real location of those numbers? Knowing that Walt lived in New Mexico, the coordinates must have technically been +34° 59′ 20.00″, -106° 36′ 52″. Checking that on Google Maps reveals this address.

It is none other than the very studio who brought us Breaking Bad. It truly is Walt’s buried treasure, the source of his money and his very existence!

It is easy to overlook how important GPS tracking is to the show. We have already looked at the GPS Logger used in Breaking Bad. As we already discussed, not only does it result in Walt getting punched, it is his ultimate downfall and his ultimate redemption with Skyler.